Workforce Talent & Education

The Education, Talent, and Workforce in Nevada
The success of a business largely depends on the skills of its employees. Nevada’s workforce consists of skilled labor and an opportunity to create and maintain a pool of talented workers.. Nevada's workforce and comprehensive training services can not only fulfill, but exceed the expectations of any employers.

Growing Workforce

Nevada has had one of the fastest growing skilled workforces during the last decade.  During the period 2002-2006, Nevada was home to a lower unemployment rate than the national average, due to dynamic growth and burgeoning economic diversification.

Nevada offers a diversified, educated, and cost-effective workforce that is ready and willing to work. Our pro-business attitude is exemplified in Nevada’s right-to-work legislation.

Highly-qualified/ Highly-skilled Workforce

Nevada's labor market provides high value to businesses, including high-tech industries and international trade; and our talent pool contains a large percentage of workers with advanced degrees.  The demand for skilled labor in Nevada is answered by many customized training programs designed for the needs of the state’s leading industries, such as the Train Employees Now program which provides an industry-specific employer with skilled labor in less time and at lower costs; and On-The-Job Training programs, which support the employer’s desire to train their team in the work environment, and provides subsidies for employee pay during training.  

Culturally Diverse Workforce

Nevada's workforce is diverse, both culturally and linguistically. Many Nevada residents speak more than one language. Nevada has a particularly strong representation of Spanish, Indian and Chinese speaking residents.

Educated Workforce

Nevada’s renowned colleges and universities, technical institutions and community colleges provide a continuous supply of workers with higher education credentials. One of the most beneficial features of the Nevada System of Higher Education is its visionary approach to developing specific employee training programs for individual industries and companies. These alliances have even created training for a "partner" company on the specific job tasks needed for a specialized process.


We also have great programs in Nevada to help train a custom workforce to fit your needs.  Check out the Silver State Works Program.

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Current Employment Statistic

Civilian Labor Force:
AreaYearTime PeriodLabor Force
Nevada 2009 December 1,369,832

High Wage Industries in Nevada in 2009

IndustryYearMeanEntry LevelExperience Level
Management & Technical Consulting Svc 2009 $80,767 $29,636 $106,333
Scientific Research and Development Svc 2009 $79,157 $43,107 $97,182
Educational Support Services 2009 $78,908 $30,848 $102,939
Land Subdivision 2009 $73,024 $28,329 $95,371
Specialized Design Services 2009 $70,297 $31,844 $89,523
Agents and Managers for Public Figures 2009 $70,234 $28,080 $91,311
Electronic Markets and Agents/Brokers 2009 $65,590 $29,551 $83,609
Utilities 2009 $64,332 $39,918 $76,540
Computer Systems Design and Related Services 2009 $64,098 $32,338 $79,978


Fast Growing Occupations in Nevada - Projections

Occupation20062016Growth rate %
Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts 1,240 2,129 5.6
Computer Software Engineers, Applications 1,118 1,835 5.1
Computer Software Engineers, Systems Software 1,143 1,874 5.1