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Nevada Transportation
Situated at the hub of the 11-state western region, Nevada is an ideal location for companies seeking cost-effective, rapid access to major markets both domestic and international.
With an excellent infrastructure and its location, Nevada provides a central access to major markets in United States and World.

Nevada is the Western Region transportation link. The Nevada transportation infrastructure is multi-modal and includes: highways, railways, airports that enable companies to gain quicker access to markets and reduce bottom-line costs.

With a market area of 51 million people within one day's drive, firms can take advantage of Nevada's low costs of taxation and operation and still easily ship to a multitude of states including California, the world's sixth largest marketplace.

  • Roads / Trucking: From Nevada cities, truck shipments arrive overnight throughout the West, including the important consumer and port cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. More than 150 carriers serve Nevada, offering transcontinental, fast freight and van-line shipping to all major markets.
  • Railroads: Union Pacific Railroad Company is the largest freight railroad serving Nevada, operating more than 1,200 miles of line. Union Pacific crosses both northern and southern Nevada. Burlington Northern Santa Fe has also been authorized to operate over the tracks in northern Nevada.
  • Airports: Nevada’s major airports - The Las Vegas International Air Cargo Center at McCarran International Airport and the air cargo facilities at Reno/Tahoe International Airport have positioned both cities as major West Coast air-truck distribution centers. Complete customs services are available at both McCarran and Reno/Tahoe, making them as crucial to business and international trade as they are to tourism. Both cities are considered "inland ports of entry" where efficient services allow foreign goods to quickly clear customs. In addition, regional airports in Elko, Ely and Laughlin also handle freight.
  • Warehousing and Distribution: Nevada is also home to the West's fastest-growing warehousing and distribution center industry, providing Nevada businesses with unsurpassed access to advanced logistical services.