Why Nevada?

Why Nevada is a great place to run a business
Nevada consistently ranks at the top of business surveys as one of the most business-friendly states in the United States.  It is not surprising that entrepreneurs choose to start up in Nevada and CEOs of multi-national companies choose to incorporate or place operations in Nevada.

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Who calls Nevada home?

Nevada is home to 2.6 million residents that have chosen to call the Silver State home.  The state offers an enviable lifestyle with more than 300 days of sunshine annually.  Nevada’s geographic location as a hub to  the 11 Western states and a tax structure offers a business climate few states can match are among the reasons these businesses have chosen to call Nevada home.

Government by the People—Business People

The independent spirit of Nevada pioneers is reflected in less red tape for today’s businesses.  The Nevada Legislature meets only every two years.  Unlike many states with professional politicians, most of Nevada’s legislators are small business owners.  They understand the bottom line.   And, Nevada’s Constitution requires a super-majority to raise taxes or fees.  

Nevada is an “at-will” employment state.  This means employers—provided there was no contract or collective bargaining agreement—may discharge employees for good, bad or no cause at all.  Nevada is also a right-to-work state, and its laws are not pre-empted by federal law.  Labor laws are enforced by the Nevada Commissioner of Labor. The minimum wage in Nevada is $7.25 when qualifying health benefits are offered and otherwise $8.25.

Still not convinced?

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