Storey County


Storey County is located in western Nevada and is bordered by the counties of Carson, Lyon and Washoe. Storey County history dates to 1859, when gold was discovered, prompting a rush from the mining districts of California. Shortly there after, the Comstock Lode was renowned as "The Richest Place on Earth", with thousands of residents calling the area home.Not too long after, mining went bust and has since given way to tourism as the leading element of the county's economy. Created November 25, 1861, Storey County was named for Captain Edward Faris Storey, one of the first residents of Virginia City and a commander in the Pyramid Lake War of 1860. Storey County covers approximately 262 square miles and accounts for approximately 0.24 percent of Nevada's total surface area of 110,540 square miles.*

Virginia City
Established in 1861, Virginia City became the richest mining town in the world. San Francisco was built from the mines of the Comstock and the Civil War was partially financed from the gold and silver discovered beneath the city. Today's Virginia City is remarkably the same as it was during its heyday with the wooden sidewalks, restored mansions, mine tours, "Old West" saloons and the Piper Opera House.

Mark Twain began his illustrious writing career at Virginia City's own "Territorial Enterprise" and one can visit his, and many other, museums all within walking distance in this richly historic town. The city, with the surrounding Comstock Historic District, encompasses the Comstock mines, and the towns of Gold Hill and Silver City where it all began. The entire area is now a National Landmark and is easy to reach, just 23 miles southeast of Reno and 23 miles northeast of Carson City.

The community of Lockwood is located 28 miles from Virginia City. The area is nestled along the beautiful Truckee River and surrounding hillsides. Reno/ Sparks is a quick five miles west on I-80. Several small companies ranging from high-tech industries to agriculture help make up the community.

*Source: Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation


The incentives of doing business in Nevada are expansive. Nevada boasts one of the most liberal tax structures in the nation and from a tax-planning perspective, the return on investment in the form of tax saving dollars can be enormous.



Sales Tax Rate

In Storey County, the sales tax rate is 7.600.

Property Tax Rate

In Storey County, the 2009-10 average county wide tax rate is 3.4607.

Calculating Real Property Taxes

The formula for calculating real property tax is as follows:

  • Taxable Value x .35 = Assessed Value
  • Assessed Value x Tax Rate = Total Real Property Tax

For more information, please see How Property Taxes are Calculated.



Year Population
2008 4,384
2007 4,293
2006 4,110
2005 4,012
2004 3,797

Source: Nevada State Demographer

Gender Composition

Year Est Population Male Female
# % # %
2008 4,384 2,257 51.5 2,127 48.5
2007 3,889 2,035 52.3 1,854 47.7
2006 3,934 2,054 52.2 1,880 47.8
2005 3,623 1,912 52.8 1,711 47.2

Source: Applied Geographic Solutions



Year Labor Force Employment Unemployment Unemployment
Rate (Local)
2009 2,418 2,248 312 12.8
2008 2,511 2,334 177 7.0
2007 2,470 2,338 132 5.3
2006 2,207 2,111 97 4.4
2005 2,073 1,979 93 4.5

Source: Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR).