Lyon County


Lyon County, Nevada is steeped in history, western lore, and tradition. It is also a region with beautiful golf courses, a wide range of motel and dining experiences, many new housing developments, new super markets and shopping experiences, numerous churches and civic groups, and limitless outdoor adventures such as fishing, hunting, boating, camping, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing -- just to mention a few!

Dayton/Moundhouse's close proximity to Carson City, well developed industrial parks and properties, and rural charm has attracted a collection of diverse companies not to mention the community's other amenities such as an Arnold Palmer championship golf course and an airpark with 5,351 paved feet. A community rich in history and the lure of the gold rush, continues to celebrate its past with special events like Dayton Valley Day's Cowboy Poetry and Rodeo and Santa Maria Days.

Fernley, just 28 miles east of Reno/Sparks on I-80, is strategically located as a north - south / east - west transportation hub for both highway and rail with close proximity to western markets. Several Fortune 500 companies have discovered Fernley's affordable industrial parks, large land parcels with rail and highway access. Fernley is also home to various industrial parks, including the Crossroads Commerce Center, a rapidly expanding 5,000+ acre institutional investment grade industrial park.

Silver City
Six miles south of Virginia City, Silver City is the third of the three principal communities on the Comstock Lode. A toll gate once stood at the head of town, in the rock formation called Devil's Gate, and extra teams were stabled here to help drag the heavy freight wagons up the long, steep grade to Virginia City.

Silver Springs
Silver Springs, situated on the intersection of Highway 50 and Alt. 95 - a network of interstate highways, an international airport (Reno - Tahoe) and a cross country rail line place Silver Springs just hours away from markets anywhere in the western marketplace. This is a rural community poised for development with plenty of available industrial and residential land.

Smith Valley
Smith Valley is a rural farm and ranch community located on SR 208. The valley is located near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains where one can observe all kinds of wildlife and enjoy abundant outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and hiking. Alfalfa is the largest crop, however potatoes, onions, garlic, and grain crops are produced along with a number of cattle and cattle feed lot operations.

Yerington's majestic setting in an agricultural valley offers a quality of life that is a part of doing business. As the county seat, Yerington offers many urban amenities, municipal airport, prime business & industrial sites (some with rail) and complete infrastructure improvements.


The incentives of doing business in Nevada are expansive. Nevada boasts one of the most liberal tax structures in the nation and from a tax-planning perspective, the return on investment in the form of tax saving dollars can be enormous.



Sales Tax Rate

In Lyon County, the sales tax rate is 7.100.

Property Tax Rate

In Lyon County, the 2009-10 average county wide tax rate is 3.0328.

Calculating Real Property Taxes

The formula for calculating real property tax is as follows:

  • Taxable Value x .35 = Assessed Value
  • Assessed Value x Tax Rate = Total Real Property Tax

For more information, please see How Property Taxes are Calculated.



Year Population
2008 55,820
2007 55,903
2006 54,031
2005 48,860
2004 44,646

Source: Nevada State Demographer

Population within the Cities of Lyon County

City Year Population City Year Population
Fernley 2008 19,609 Yerington 2008 3,324
2007 19,585 2007 3,319
2006 18,850 2006 3,257
2005 16,357 2005 2,980
2004 13,775 2004 2,912

Source: State of Nevada Demographer

Gender Composition

Year Est Population Male Female
# % # %
2008 56,753 28,949 51.0 27,804 49.0
2007 46,984 23,899 50.9 23,085 49.1
2006 47,969 24,354 50.8 23,615 49.2
2005 43,895 22,221 50.6 21,674 49.4

Source: Applied Geographic Solutions



Year Labor Force Employment Unemployment Unemployment
Rate (Local)
2009 23,096 20,873 3,827 15.4
2008 24,696 22,386 2,310 9.3
2007 22,320 20,783 1,537 6.9
2006 21,282 20,123 1,159 5.5
2005 19,750 18,697 1,053 5.3

Source: Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR)