Eureka County


If you like fresh high desert air, stunning mountain views and no traffic congestion, you'll love Eureka County. Located in central Nevada, Eureka County is comprised of three towns - Eureka, Beowawe and Crescent Valley. Eureka, the county seat, is in the southern portion of the county, and Crescent Valley and Beowawe are located in the north.

Eureka County has a strong history of mining that continues to support a stable economy with large scale mining operations such as Barrick Gold Strike and Newmont Gold Company. With a population of under 1,500, the area offers an uncomplicated lifestyle and a 19th century charm.

Primarily a ranching, agricultural and mining county, Eureka County welcomes these and new industries with no existing zoning ordinances, very low property tax rates and no business licensing.

Mild temperatures, along with the surrounding mountains and the Humboldt River, make Eureka County an outdoor playground. The outdoor enthusiast will never lack for activity. Hunting, fishing, hiking, swimming and much more are all readily available.

Business Advantages

The incentives of doing business in Nevada are expansive. Nevada boasts one of the most liberal tax structures in the nation and from a tax-planning perspective, the return on investment in the form of tax saving dollars can be enormous.



Sales Tax Rate

In Eureka County, the sales tax rate is 6.850.

Property Tax Rate

In Eureka County, the 2009-10 average county wide tax rate is 1.9408.

Calculating Real Property Taxes

The formula for calculating real property tax is as follows:

  • Taxable Value x .35 = Assessed Value
  • Assessed Value x Tax Rate = Total Real Property Tax

For more information, please see How Property Taxes are Calculated.

Calculating Personal Property Taxes

Using the Cost Conversion Factor tables in the Personal Property Manual, use the following formula to calculate the assessed value.

The assessed value is the value on which taxes are calculated.

  • Actual Cost x Cost Index (for appropriate year) = Cost of Replacement
  • Cost of Replacement x Percent Good = Taxable Value
  • Taxable Value x .35 = Assessed Value
  • Assessed Value x Tax Rate = Total Personal Property Tax



Year Population
2008 1,553
2007 1,458
2006 1,460
2005 1,485
2004 1,484

Source: Nevada State Demographer

Gender Composition

Year Est Population Male Female
# % # %
2008 1,434 757 52.8 677 47.2
2007 1,349 705 52.3 644 47.7
2006 1,333 685 51.4 648 48.6
2005 1,395 731 52.4 664 47.6

Source: Applied Geographic Solutions



Year Labor Force Employment Unemployment Unemployment 
Rate (Local)
2009 828 785 61 7.1
2008 822 778 44 5.4
2007 753 717 36 4.8
2006 712 680 32 4.5
2005 716 690 26 3.6

Source: Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR)