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Nevada is the center of Entrepreneurship
Technological advancements have changed the face of industry, and Nevada recognizes an aggressive commitment to science, engineering and technology must be sustained.  Innovative organizations that contribute renewable clean energy find the nurturing environment in Nevada to prosper and develop new technologies, thanks to Nevada’s business-friendly environment and skillful workforce.  Such conditions have been critical to Nevada's success in building renewable technology and professional industry and to preserving the state's status as a key player in the innovation economy.

Nevada’s strength lies in its sectors

Renewable Energy

With a growing number of companies and a priority focus on renewable resources, clean energy is the fastest-growing industry in the state of Nevada. The state’s abundant natural resources, high tech companies and progressive research centers make it an ideal location for clean energy businesses. The state has an aggressive renewable portfolio standard (RPS) that requires all public utilities to generate 25% of their electricity from renewable energy resources by 2025, with at least 6% from solar energy through 2016-2025.  This commitment ensures that new technologies are created to improve the efficiency and value of renewable technologies to provide secure, consistent, affordable power to the residents of Nevada.  Nevada’s utilities already have a good start on utilizing a diverse mix of energy sources to serve customers, most notably geothermal generation, and electricity generated by solar, wind, wood and water.


Anchored by the University of Nevada, biotechnology hubs are growing in Reno and Las Vegas.  Nevada works to enhance and expand biotechnology education programs by providing cutting edge professional development for instructors, by improving curriculum, by creating a system that promotes the sharing of information and through commercializing technologies.   Nevada is home to Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, Charles River Laboratories, Merck Manufacturing, Aventis Pharmaceuticals and others.

Several organizations are focused on helping the state meet the needs of innovative companies, from workforce to education, capital to sites for research and development activities.


Nevada's Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology
Technology Business Alliance of Nevada
Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy Commercialization
Nevada Technology Council
Nevada Alliance for Defense, Energy and Business
Nevada Science and Technology Corridor
Advanced Technology Program (ATP)
Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCOR)