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Manufacturing in Nevada
Nevada has a robust and diverse manufacturing sector.  If you are using a computer or electronic device, it is possible that a little piece of Nevada is inside. Taiyo America, the leading manufacturer of solder mask—it is the green stuff you see on computer circuit boards—is based in Carson City, Nevada. If you live on the West Coast, it is likely that the coffee beans that went into your Starbucks Vente Latte were roasted in Minden, Nevada.  And, just down the street from the Minden-based Starbucks Coffee Roasting Company plant is American AVK. You might not recognize the name, but the company manufacturers the red fire hydrants that adorn many street corners in North, Central and South Americas.

Geographically, Nevada is at the center of 11 Western states, so it makes sense from a distribution aspect to base manufacturing operations in the state; but, manufacturing companies benefit from the state’s business environment dedicated to helping companies to succeed. 

Tax Benefits: Nevada has no corporate, inventory or unitary taxes.

Foreign Trade Zones: Nevada has many established foreign trade zones allowing businesses to bring in materials for manufacturing without payment of customs duties, until the item leaves the zone.

Environmental: Nevada’s environmental laws are less restrictive than other states.

Workers’ Comp: For 2010, Nevada’s Insurance Commissioner decreased voluntary loss and assigned risk rates by 7.6 and 3.7 percent respectively.

Union: Nevada is a right-to-work state.  Union representation in manufacturing is comparatively low at 3 percent.

Utilities: Uninterrupted delivery of reliable energy is essential.  Nevada’s utilities are developing alternative energy and buying contracts to lock in lower costs.

It's easy to see why companies would want to be a part of the growth here.  Click here to hear the story of a successful Nevada manufacturer.