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Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Nevada
Since the pioneers of 1800s followed the editorial advice, “Go West young man, and grow with the country,” the West has attracted entrepreneurs.  Today, Nevada continues to grow in terms of intellectual property, skilled workforce and economic strength.  According to the Undersecretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property, patents have more than doubled in the state during the past decade.  In short, Nevada is helping America continue to lead the national and world economies.

More than a decade ago, Nevada’s leaders recognized the movement from the old economy to an innovation driven economy.  The legislature put together a task force of corporate, economic development and academic communities of the state to foster entrepreneurial enterprise in Nevada.  Out of this common vision Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology was born.  The Center has become an award-winning public-private venture.  Nevada has many organizations supporting innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurship.