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Low Tax Environment

The Economic Advantages of Business in Nevada

The outstanding tax climate in Nevada is one of the best reasons to do business in the state. This tax structure also clearly distinguishes Nevada as offering a business environment very few states can match.

In Nevada there is:


In addition to the minimal tax environment, Nevada has programs to reduce the amount of taxes that it does impose. We offer sales tax abatement and deferral programs, payroll tax abatements and property tax abatements to qualifying companies. Since the state doesn’t collect corporate income taxes, we don’t offer complicated and misleading tax credits like many other states.

For more detailed information about these programs, please see the following overviews:

The following represent the requirements to qualify for the tax abatement programs:

Urban Area Requirements

Rural Area Requirements

Expansion Requirements

Statewide Average Wage By County

Sales Tax Rate By County

To apply for these programs, you'll need to contact the appropriate Economic Development Authority. They will provide you with the expertise to guide you through the application process.