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Biotechnology Output in Nevada
The biotechnology industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Nevada.  Nevada’s biotechnology industry directly generates $281 million in value of output, employs 654 employees, and $58 million in household income. Approximately 85 percent of the industry’s output and 75 percent of the industry’s employment is generated by the Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing Sector with 79 percent of total industry output is located in the greater Las Vegas area.

Biotechnology Output in Nevada (2007) by Industry Sub-sector

Industry Sub-sector




Medicinal and botanical manufacturing $29,186,000 64 5
Pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing $235,888,000 476 16
In-vitro diagnostic substance manufacturing $418,000 1 1
Biological product (except diagnostic) manufacturing $876,000 1 1
Scientific research and development services $15,449,312 112 8
Total $281,817,312 654 31

1Minnesota IMPLAN Group, Inc. 2004.
2Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation.

Anchored by the University of Nevada, biotechnology hubs are rapidly growing in Reno and Las Vegas. Nevada is one of the top 120 universities in research with nearly $80 million in funding.  While Nevada is renowned for its environmental research and the renewable energy sectors such as geothermal—the state is seeking keys to solve the 21-century challenges through research in the life sciences.  Global public health issues and adult stem cell research are “under the microscope” in Nevada.

Nevada has become one of the leading centers for research with the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute, a research center for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases and ALS.  The Whittemore Peterson Institute is leading the fight in neuro-immune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, autism and fibromyalgia.

With the growing cluster of biotechnology research, professional organizations such as the Nevada Biotechnology and Bioscience Consortium have been established to support the industry.  Nevada’s biotechnology community also includes a growing number of manufacturers.

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