Relocation & Expansion Assistance

Looking for real estate to fit your expansion or relocation needs? One of our favorite partners, NV Energy, provides a great one-stop shop for real estate listings in Nevada called Nevada Site Selector.


Adding to the many features companies can expect when considering Nevada, they have a powerful tool at their disposal.   NV Energy has launched its new interactive geographic information system (GIS) building and site database, called Nevada Site Locator.

Besides making site searches easy, Nevada Site Locator generates site-specific demographic and business analysis for enhanced due diligence, and it can search all 17 of Nevada’s counties for commercial land or buildings.  It is the state’s most advanced and only searchable GIS site selection database that is geared towards assisting businesses, brokers and developers searching for the perfect location, and for the first time it incorporates all 17 of Nevada’s counties into its database. 

This amazing tool is being used by 200 Nevada brokers and can act as a 24-hour sales tool whether you are trying to market an available property or searching for new space.  NCED believes in providing a web-based warehouse of information to its stakeholders and there is no doubt that Nevada Site Selector is a key component.  Having access to data online is refreshing for companies that can do more of their own due diligence on their own time.  Research at the global level oftentimes occurs outside of normal office hours and NCED believes in providing information to our customers even when we can’t answer the phone.    

Please take some time to review this site and learn about the plethora of information available through its GIS system.  If you’d like a custom demonstration or would like to learn how to list a property, please contact our office at 775-687-9900 and we’d be happy to facilitate all requests.