Marketing to the Government

While there are many aspects to marketing, a recent POP “Marketing to the Government and Prime Contractors” workshop focused on four pieces:  Capabilities, Marketing Tools, Research and Relationships.

CAPABILITIES – It’s easy to say, “We do it all!”  Realistically, you don’t.  So focus on your core competencies and expertise.  Think of a minimum of three, maximum 10 company core competencies.  If you were creating a company resume, how are you going to get the job you’ve applied for?  Will it be experience, a guarantee of performance, quick delivery?  What about your company needs to stand out, to get the agency or prime contractor’s attention?

MARKETING TOOLS – Do you have an up-to-date one-page capabilities narrative?  Is your company web site still “Under Construction?”  Capabilities narratives are a quick way to get your information across to government buyers, in a format that they understand.  Your company web site is the #1 research tool for contracting offices as well as end users of your product or service; if you want them to find you, create an informative, dynamic web site!

RESEARCH – Ughhh, homework!  Yes, it’s tedious and time-consuming but absolutely necessary if you’re pursuing government contracts.  You need to know the government agency’s mission and specific needs so you can match them to your company’s solutions, products and services.  A great place to start is where federal agencies post purchasing forecasts.

RELATIONSHIPS – In the government contracting world as in the business world, good relationships are required.  These relationships take time, effort and persistence to develop.  Your time invested will create trust, build your credibility and encourage open communication.  Identify specific people in the targeted entities; use your marketing tools to communicate what your capabilities are, how you solve problems as well as your past performance.

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