New Jobs Created Through Nevada’s Exports for the First-Half of 2011

According to data just released by the Department of Commerce, Nevada’s exports for the first half of 2011 were up 20% over 2010.

The top performers in product related exports showed significant increases over last year:

-          Toys, games and sporting equipment, up 23%

-          Industrial equipment including computers, up 48%

-          Photographic goods, up 18,628%

-          Aircraft and spacecraft parts, up 84%

-          Beverages & Spirits, up 120%

The best performing country market’s, and their rank were:

-          Canada, #2, up 50%

-          Japan, up #5, up 68%

-          Israel, #6, up 101%

-          Singapore, #8, up 65%

-          Germany, #9, up 33%

-          Brazil, #19, up 26%

In looking at the top 25 export markets the largest increase was to Chile with a 315% increase over 2010.    

This solid growth pattern in exports reinforces two recent reports on Nevada’s exports. The recent report “U.S. Export Adaptability at the State Level”, from Ball State University, Indiana, ranked Nevada #1 in export adaptability, or the ability to quickly adapt the export of its products to the new emerging markets around the world as well as the export of products key to the rapidly developing new technology markets worldwide. The newest report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, “Enterprising States-Recovery and Renewal for the 21st Century”, ranked Nevada #1 in both Export Intensity Growth and Export Growth and #9 in Growth in Share of National Exports.

If your company is interested in growing your business through exporting please contact the Global Business Development department at the Nevada Commission on Economic Development, whose contact information is listed below, for a complete list of programs and grants available to Nevada companies to promote the export of their products.