Charles Crocker, a superintendent with Central Pacific Railroad, really loved animals. He was particularly fond of elk which he found majestic and graceful. So, in 1868 when the first transcontinental railroad was being built from California to Utah, it passed through a town born with the railroad. When the railroad crews moved on, the settlement remained serving as a ranch, mining, and freight and supply center. Charles Crocker decided to stay on as well and was faced with the problem of coming up with a name for the newfound area. So, according to legend (which not all historians believe by the way), he simply took the letter “O” and placed it behind his favorite animal, the Elk, to create Elko.

Located 428 miles north of Las Vegas along Interstate 80, Elko has been called "the last real cow town in the American West,” is the largest city between Salt Lake City and Reno and is as distinctive and charismatic as its residents and the moniker chosen by Charles Crocker. Elko is home to 16,000 residents that consist of cowboys, sheepherders, miners, railroad men, schoolmarms and some tourists who visited and never left. Elko may be small in size at 14.5 square miles, but what it lacks in stature, it makes up for by boasting a rich history, a populace laced with cultural diversity and some of the most beautiful, undiscovered, film and production friendly locations in Nevada.

Productions, crews and your camera will discover a wide variety of locations including working ranches like Reds, ghost towns like Jarbidge, scenic Lamoille Canyon and the magnificent Ruby Mountains also known as Nevada's "Little Yosemite”. Elko also offers your next project plenty of unique and one-of-a-kind events and establishments perfect for your production.

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