Global Business Development

Opening Doors to New Customers

Ninety-five percent of the world’s consumers live outside the United States.  That is a lot of potential customers to just ignore.  Selling globally is easier than you may think—it is a matter of breaking down the old assumptions and getting help to mitigate risks.

Exporting is too risky.
Different international markets have different levels of risks, but they can be reduced by obtaining export assistance.  Exporting to some markets, such as Canada, is no more risky than selling in the United States.

My business is too small.
Nearly 97 percent of U.S. exporters are small- and medium-sized businesses.  In Nevada, that number is closer to 100 percent.  Check out some of the NCED testimonials to see what small companies can accomplish in the global market with a little help.

How can I learn more?
On July 26th, there will be a half-day marketing seminar geared to growers and 50 percent-agricultural content product manufacturers.  This event sponsored by WUSATA, will teach companies how they can enter the global marketplace and receive a 50 percent rebate on their international marketing costs.  This includes global business channels such as company websites, trade shows, customized match-making and more.  For information on this seminar, click here.  For information on all of NCED’s global business activities, contact:  Kimberly Elliott at 775-687-9900