Zappos Buys Motel, Strikes Deal to Bring Young Talent to Downtown Las Vegas

Zappos’ efforts to remake downtown Las Vegas take another step forward with a real estate deal and plan to lure more young talent to the area.

The Downtown Project, founded by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and other investors to spearhead revitalization efforts, will announce today a partnership with Venture for America to bring new college graduates for two-year stints to help startup businesses get off the ground. The hope is participants will make their move downtown a permanent one.

“There’s a good chance they’ll be inspired by the startup and want to stay with that business,” said Zach Ware, campus/urban/startup development leader at Zappos and the Downtown Project. “It’s great exposure and experience for them.”

Founded a year ago, Venture for America is a nonprofit that describes itself as “a pathway for young, talented grads to become business builders and job creators in areas of need.” In August, 50 graduates selected by the group will join startup companies across the nation, including in Las Vegas.

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