Scenario Planning Workshop Under Way

ELKO — Government and business people will resume a Scenario Planning Workshop this morning to develop four plausible futures for the rural northern Nevada region.

“We want a couple of great low-hanging fruit actions to move ahead on now,” Juliet Fox of Future IQ Partners told the gathering of roughly 70 people Thursday evening at the High Desert Inn.

She was talking about ideas that might be put into place now, while also coming up with scenarios for the region’s future.

The people started with a futures game and were grading the region on its strengths and weakness before a dinner as the workshop continued an eye to the future.

“Without a common cause, you might be bumping up against each other inadvertently,” Fox said. “There is only one thing you need to decide — where are you going?” She said people in rural areas are good at getting things done, but they sometimes miss the context of economic development.

Elko County Manager Rob Stokes said he believes the workshop is worthwhile. “I think it helps to make future decisions to benefit the local economy,” he said Thursday.

Four Elko County commissioners were at the workshop Thursday, and their participation was posted. Commissioner Demar Dahl is at a Nevada League of Counties meeting instead, Stokes said.

The state provided $25,000 for the regional scenario workshop that includes representatives from not only Elko County but also Eureka, Lander, White Pine, Humboldt and Pershing counties, along with representatives of businesses and mining companies and interested citizens.

Fox said she is tweeting what’s happening at the two-day workshop that ends at noon today. The hash tag for the tweets is #NENVFuturesProject.