Nevada Higher Ed Chancellor: State System Working to Meet Employment Needs

The turnaround in Nevada's economic recovery may finally be in sight. For years, I have advocated that our public education system will be central to that recovery and to our state's long overdue economic diversification.

A welcome first step in this direction came from Gov. Brian Sandoval's announcement that he would stop further cuts to Nevada's K-12 and higher education budgets. After four years of successive reductions that have resulted in layoffs, program closures, and record tuition and fee increases for our students, concerns have lingered about the potential for yet another round of cuts and more damage. Yet, by taking a difficult position to prevent additional cuts, Gov. Sandoval has restored hope and demonstrated his commitment to our state's students and their families.

He sent a similar message to staff and faculty who have had salaries reduced by indicating that this would be another high priority of his budget process. These early moves on his part will help us stabilize our services and allow us to begin rebuilding an even stronger and more responsive System.

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