Installed Base and Current Renewable Energy Projects in Nevada


Energy sources

• Solar energy
• Geothermal energy
• Wind Power
• Biomass
• Hydroelectric

Market sectors

• Power generation
• Manufacturing products/components for energy generation. We have permitted industrial parks that would allow fast start-up for foreign companies to obtain licenses and permits

Current situation

Installed Renewable Energy base (MW)

• Solar energy= 110 MW Solar distributed (rooftops): 10 MW
• Geothermal energy= 375 MW
• Wind Power= 1MW
• Biomass= 7MW
• Hydroelectric= 1,100 MW

Of our current leads for new businesses moving into Nevada, 42% are from renewable energy companies.

Currently Permitted Renewable Energy Projects (MW)

• Solar energy= 776
• Geothermal energy= 568
• Wind Power= 350
• Biomass=  26
• Hydroelectric= 11

Number of renewable projects under development

• Solar energy= 63
• Geothermal energy= 10
• Wind Power= 23
• Biomass= 12

Examples of existing and pending FDI projects in Nevada for Renewable Energy


Acciona, Spain (Solar One, Boulder City), solar thermal power generation, 64 MW
GA Solar (Spain), joint venture manufacturing with Sierra Nevada Corporation, Sparks (under development)
Solar panel manufacturing (China), pending
Solar Thermal manufacturing (Australia), pending


Ormat Energy, Israel; eight generating plants in Nevada (88MW)
ENEL, Italy: two plants in Fallon, NV (46 MW)
Canadian development projects:
Nevada Geothermal Power (Blue Mountain), Winnemucca, NV (49 MW)
Acquisition and development of existing resources in Wabuska, NV (1.5 MW growing to 20MW in future)


A Power Systems, Shenyang, China, announced a 320,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Las Vegas area to employee 1,000 people for manufacturing wind turbines for the U.S. market.

Manufacturer of wind turbine towers (Spain), pending