Office of Diplomatic Relations and Protocol

Because the World is our Marketplace

Today’s market is the world, but to do business well on a global level, business owners need to be aware of the social, political and cultural aspects of global markets and countries. 

Since 1998, Nevada’s Office of Diplomatic Relations and Chief of Protocol have worked to foster Nevada’s international presence and grow the state’s Consular Corps.  Twenty-four countries have appointed either a Consul General, Honorary Consul or have posted career diplomats to represent cultural, educational and commercial exchange in the state.

This is a significant achievement for two reasons:  First, both the appointing country and the U.S. State Department must fully sanction the appointment of the individual.  Second, it provides a Nevada-based international community for business development, trade and investment. 

The Office of Diplomatic Relations coordinates and meets with trade delegations, visiting dignitaries, ambassadors and heads of state.  The office prepares letters of invitation to qualified international businesspersons wanting to conduct business in Nevada arranges meetings with the appropriate Nevada elected officials and business representatives.

Nevada-based businesses having facilities in foreign countries can benefit from a call to the Office of Diplomatic Relations.  The office arranges meetings with U.S. Diplomats, Trade Representatives and Representatives in the U.S. Department of Commerce.  And, it assists Nevada citizens obtain visas for foreign travel.

The Chief of Protocol is also the Nevada’s expert on welcoming guests from another culture.  When meeting a business executive from another country, do you shake hands, bow or kiss?  The difference between a favorable first impression and a disastrous one is a phone call to the Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development.