Foreign Trade Zones

Foreign trade zones in Las Vegas and Reno allow firms to bring foreign goods or raw materials for manufacturing and/or assembling into the United States without formal customs entry or payment of customs duties and government excise taxes until products leave the zone. If the final product is exported from the United States, no U.S. Customs duty or excise tax is levied. If the final product is imported into the United States, fees are only due at the time of transfer on the product or its parts, whichever is lower.

Merchandise entering a foreign trade zone may be:

  • Assembled  Manipulated  Repaired 
  • Cleaned  Manufactured  Salvaged 
  • Destroyed  Processed  Sampled 
  • Displayed  Re-labeled  Stored 
  • Mixed  Repackaged  Tested

Southern Nevada

Foreign Trade Zone #89
Nevada International Trade Corporation
P.O. Box 98076
Las Vegas, NV 89193-8076
Tel: 702-361-3422
Fax: 702-361-1446

Northern Nevada

Foreign Trade Zone #126
Griffin Transport Services, Inc.
1095 Spice Island Drive, Suite 100
Sparks, NV 89431
Tel: 775-331-8010
Fax: 775-331-6745