Client Successes

The Procurement Outreach Program (POP) has been an essential part of Building Solutions, Inc.’s growth and success since 2003. They have been a key ingredient in assisting us with federal, state, and local government contracting. In a volatile economic climate, it’s vital that small businesses support each other in order to promote Nevada’s economic recovery. POP has been very successful in doing this through their workshops, seminars, and networking events and Building Solutions, Inc. often takes advantage of these opportunities
Tiffany Parkes, Business Development Specialist
Building Solutions Inc.
Millennium Scholarship funding was a strategic developmental plan and vision for Governor Kenny Guinn to encourage high school students to pursue higher education and thus transform the future of Nevada. I am proud to say that as a Millennium scholarship recipient I was given the opportunity to accomplish one of my biggest dreams, to earn a college education and become a professional. I was able to focus more on my studies and less on working many hours to pay for my education.
Jesus Valdez
Nevada has a team of independent trade representatives placed in Asia, Europe and South America to help companies to access new markets and introduce foreign investors to business opportunities within the state. International representatives receive payments from clients who are interested in these markets and work as salesmen on commission—at no cost to the state. A recent memo from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce recommended Nevada’s program model be “replicated in other states and ideally on the federal level.”
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
“The Nevada Film Office has been an invaluable resource for my company. The staff is extremely courteous and knowledgeable and stays on top of all of the film and television projects coming to Las Vegas. Their annual film directory is attractive, concise and full of valuable information about production in Nevada. That’s why year after year I support the NFO by advertising in their directory and on their website.”
Mike Levy, owner
Levy Production Group, Las Vegas, NV
“Without CDBG grant monies providing us the resources to make necessary repairs and improvements to our city pool we would not have been able to open this year to the public. As a low income community, we need to provide our families affordable access to recreational opportunities. This would not have been possible without the gracious support of the CDBG funding.”
Darrin Price, General Manager
Sun Valley GID, Washoe County
Our company, with your support and encouragement, landed a which has recently been extended. Not only have they kept one of our crews busy for months they were so impressed with our abilities that they now have us in Colorado. By the time I see you next; we expect to be in Montana. Truly, without your help and some internal pushing, the future of this company would be in jeopardy. As it stands now, these may be our largest contracts in our 30-year history.
Benjamin H. Veach, P.E., AICP
Summit Engineering Corporation
“Recent strategic planning has our company focused on expanding our presence on the west coast and specifically Nevada. A big part of this consideration is the economic incentives offered by the state. We have reviewed Utah, Arizona and California as options for our expansion and in the end have selected to remain in Nevada. A review of our operating costs has shown that we will have lower operating costs with a stronger workforce in Nevada than any other location that we reviewed.”
Robert D. Hirsch, Vice President and CIO